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Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Barcelona

Ayuta.ES is an agent who exclusively serves buyers as part of the team at Property Buyers by Somrie

A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent is called an Exclusive Buyer Agent or ABR in the United States, and a Property Hunter or Home Hunter in the United Kingdom.

What is a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent?

A new kind of role that is 100% buyer-focused. A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent works with the buyer on purchasing real estate by searching for, identifying, negotiating for and closing on the buyer’s best option. We work exclusively for buyers, and we value two-way trust.

4 Ways a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Helps You

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • No worries

  • No conflicts of interest


Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Traditional Real Estate Agent
Objective Find the option that best suits the client’s needs Sell the properties in their portfolio
Compensation Flat rates, does not charge a % of the sale price Earns more the higher the sale price (gets a %)
Role Exclusively represents the buyer Intermediary, represents the seller
Properties available Access to 100% of available properties + “off market” properties Only shows the homes they bring to market
  • We have no portfolio of properties to sell or rent

  • We don’t receive any sort of compensation from the seller or real estate agencies

  • We have perfect knowledge of the city, the neighborhoods and the greater metropolitan area

  • We perform a technical analysis of the home

  • We advise you on everything related to the laws in Spain

  • We are open about our pricing

  • We use an amazing online system for reports on visited properties

  • We know how your life will change when you move to Barcelona

We love the work we do. We’re constantly analyzing the real estate market and we’re delighted when we find a true gem for you

Before joining the real estate world, I worked in several different roles. I was the Head of Client Service at Business Analytica, a leading retail audit firm. I also worked in business development at HeadHunter, a major employment search platform in Eastern Europe. And before that I was a personal manager for priority clients at Expobank. These experiences equipped me with a deep understanding of client goals and motivations. I always strove to get the best outcome while striking a balance between the client and the company, and to look for an effective win-win partnership.

Ayuta Zinovyeva

My biggest strength is my ability to learn. Just after I arrived in Spain, a country with a completely different mentality, I set out to integrate myself into this new way of life and look for a business opportunity.
Real estate comes with great risks and mistakes can be costly. That’s why it is so important to turn to a reliable professional who will make sure you’re protected. This is why I feel right at home in this job and the work that comes with being a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent is so rewarding for me.
Ayuta.ES is me and Dmitry Zinovyev, my husband and loyal companion. Dmitry is a specialist in technical reports on properties and location analysis, as well as an IT expert, photographer and professional video operator.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Finance

Languages: Russian, Spanish, English

The Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shoppers (AEPSI) was founded in April 2013 by leading experts in the field. Its goals are straightforward: to promote the role of the PSI (Personal Shopper for Real Estate) among property buyers, to enhance the professional image of the role, and to address the unfairness of the traditional real estate market, where seller interests are prioritized and buyers lack support.

AEPSI requires that PSIs meet rigorous requirements to be able to join the association. It’s essential to comply with official regulations, undergo proper training, and commit to the Association’s Code of Ethics. Since the beginning of 2020, Ayuta.ES has been a part of AEPSI.

What our clients are saying:

Eduard Panteleev:

I’m glad I met Ayuta, whose name sounds to me like “auyda,” the Spanish word for help. She’s efficient, no nonsense, she knows the market and its conditions, she manages the whole process from start to finish, she can even help arrange a bank guarantee if you need it. She is connected to the people you need to know and she’s aware of the pitfalls. She really has saved me a lot of money and a lot of time

Naira Oganisyan and Sergey Rudenko:

In just two hours Ayuta sent me a selection of apartments, most of them in the Barcelona metropolitan area, that fit our budget. In the end we had a mortgage approved before we even arrived in Barcelona. We came, we opened the account, we spoke with a mortgage agent and, most importantly, we found our perfect apartment in almost no time!

The Kurenkov family:

We were impressed with the work style, which included an analysis of our preferences and the selection of apartments that would be a good fit for us, and that’s really valuable with the Barcelona real estate market being what it is! We were also impressed by how fast it was (we rented the apartment in two or three days), the professionalism in managing the process, photos and videos of the apartments offered to us, and an awesome, detailed and pretty description

Olga Tserenova:

Our case is typical of Russians: I want it right this instant! These two did a great job, it’s an awesome service. They found it! They managed it! We got the keys only 4 days after telling them we needed to move! And I haven’t even mentioned how they helped us with the move, thank you so much for that, guys!

Galina Golovanevska:

Thank you for finding a lovely apartment that later became a significant source of income. Thank you for your careful and thorough work in preparing the documents. And thank you for the trust you placed in us when it came time to send the returnable deposit. We did the cleaning together, we decorated the apartment together, we looked for tenants together… You two were just starting out then and now you are experts

Maria Timofeeva and Andrey Luzhin:

We believe that everyone must be responsible for what they know how to do. We chose Ayuta and Dmitry for the simple reason that they provided transparent information about what they do and what they charge. We like to have everything clear from the start. We have not regretted our choice. In fact, I’m writing this review from an apartment with lovely views that we rented in a very short time.

Konstantin and Olga:

Hello, when we decided to move to Barcelona, we needed an apartment and we turned to Dmitry and Ayuta, on the recommendation of some of our friends. We haven’t regretted it for a second. These guys have it down! Thank you!

Olga and Anna Sedykh:

We didn’t have to tell them twice about what we were looking for, they understood us right away. They chose the options, they advised us on the paperwork and they helped us communicate with the Spanish real estate agency. They did it all without delay, saving our time and minimizing the need for us to be there in person

Viktor Kurenkov:

A loyal and meticulous attitude when handling the details of the rental and client considerations and preferences. They are almost always available to answer questions or give advice on something. I should also mention their attention to detail in preparing documents

We find you a house or apartment while taking all of your preferences into account, saving you time, money and hassle . We protect you from mistakes

Our promise to you:

  • We do not accept a job that is not clear to us

  • Before accepting your job, we will prepare an initial selection of properties at no cost to you

  • Official contract

  • We charge as we get results

What we do:

  • Your application

  • Getting to know each other

  • Initial selection: 3 or 4 listings

  • Signing the engagement agreement

  • Personalized search

  • Visits and reports

  • Your decision

  • Technical and legal due diligence. Negotiating. Down payment agreement.

  • Signing the deed (escritura pública)

  • Coming home

We’ve reached the end of our process

Welcome to Barcelona!

288 days of sun a year

Mild winters and summers are not too hot

Prestigious private schools

Including British, American, French and German schools

The best city in Europe at attracting foreign investment

In 2017 and 2018, according to the Financial Times

Support programs for entrepreneurs offered by the city government

Your own business is a good alternative to a corporate career

ECO projects

The city takes care of the environment and of the health of its inhabitants

The mountains and the sea

Enjoy them not just on vacation days, but every day

Meat and fish

Hams and cheeses, fruits and wines, and more!

High life expectancy

The highest in Europe at 83.5 years

Our fees

Important! You won’t spend more on the purchase than agreed beforehand.

We work hard to make the most efficient use of the budget you set. Our fees are included WITHIN that budget.

We are certain that you will find them to be very reasonable.

Our fees are not based on the price you pay for the property, but rather on the complexity of the work we’ll have to do to meet your goals. We never charge a percentage of the purchase price. That lets us negotiate for you with no conflict of interest.

Once we’re clear on the pack of services you need, we calculate your personalized fee. In any event, we do want to give you an idea of our prices: we usually charge between €8,600 and €15,500, plus VAT, for a home search (this includes the checks, negotiations and even the post-sale services), and approximately €20,000 for complex investment projects. If you need several of the same type of property, that saves us a major portion of the work — which means you save the corresponding part of our fees.

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